Clamps For Sale:

Used and ex-hire clamps supplied from stock, we can also supply fully re-manufactured clamps to order.

The following is a selection of our current stock, if you can't find what your looking for email or call 07836 605010

Featured Clamps

CASCADE MODEL 66G-RDP-B603 Revolving Paper Roll Clamp


Roll Handling Range 250mm to 1600mm,

Capacity 3000kg@800mm,

Class 3 Mounting

360 Deg. Rotation,

Split Roll Clamp,

Weight 942kg,

Lost Load 190mm,

C of G  304mm

CASCADE MODEL 28G-TMR-A50 Revolving Turn-A-Fork

Opening Range as a Clamp 600mm to 1700mm,

Capacity 1400kg@500mm

Opening Range as a Fork Positioner 110mm to 1220mm,

Capacity 1800kg@500mm,

Class 2A Mounting,

360 Deg. Rotation

Frame Width 1050mm,

Weight 566kg,

Lost Load 337mm,

C of G 245mm


CASCADE MODEL 90D-FPS-C081 Fork Positioner


Opening Range 275mm to 1800mm Inside Forks,

Capacity 4500kg@600mm,

Integral Sideshift,

Forks 1200 x 150 x 50mm Bolt on,

Class 4a Mounting,

1375mm wide frame,

Weight 769kg,

Lost Load 246mm,

C of G 214mm,

A Pair of Bale Arms to create a 90D Bale Clamp also available